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 Imperial Order of the Star of Ethiopia – Dame Grand Cross

 Order of the Ethiopian Lion – Dame Grand Cross

 Companion of Honor of Kupang – CHK Class II

 Royal House of Sonbai Kecil of Kupang and successors of the Sonbai Empire bestowed the honorific title – Ratu Muda Cantrell by Don Leopold Nicolaas Isu Nisnoni Raja Kupang and Liurai of Sonbai Kecil

 Imperial Order of Menelik – Dame Grand Cross

 Royal Order of The Engabu – Dame Karen Cantrell 1st OEBKK Hereditary

 Capitulo Noble de Caballeros de Fernando VI – Llma. Sra. Dona Karen Cantrell – Ratu Muda Cantrell – Dame of Justice

 H.E. Ratu Muda Dame Karen Cantrell. GCCR –Dame Grand Cross in the Order of The Crown of Rwanda – King Kigeli V

 S.E. Ratu Muda Dame Karen Cantrell GCCR, GCCCR, GCLR –Dame Grand Cross in the Royal Order of the Lion and The Royal Order of the Crested Crane – King Kigeli V

 The Royal Muhamad Ali Institute – Honorary Council Member

 Member of the Baronial Order of Magna Charta – Gateway Ancestor Major Thomas Owsley. Baron of eligibility – Henry de Bohun, Earl of Hereford

 Ratu Muda Karen Cantrell – Archivo del Cronista de Armas de Castilla Y Leon – registrada al numero 63 Del minutario del Ano 2014

 Colonial Order of The Crown – Royal Pedigree Society of Descendants of The Emperor Charlemagne

 Sovereign Colonial Society Americans of Royal Descent

 Order of Alba – A membership must prove beyond doubt that one has descent from a Monarch of Scotland

 Descendant Member of The Order of the Monarchs of Rheims - A membership must prove beyond doubt that one has descent from a Monarch of France

 The Plantagenet Society – Hereditary Order

 DAR – Daughters of the American Revolutionary War

 Member of Descendants of the Order of the Garter – Life membership

 The National Guild of St. Margaret of Scotland

 Descendant Member of The Friends of St George

 The National Society of The Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims

  The Military Order of The Crusades

 The Royal Society of St. George – Chairman for the State of California

 The Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic

 Member of Jamestown Society - Hereditary Order

 Member of Beverly Hills Women’s Club

 Member of The Crown Jewels of Beverly Hills

 Member of The Royal Oak Society

 Member of the Palm Springs Art Guild

 Honorary Member of the Order of the Descendants of the Justicars

 Member of The Royal Society of Amigers of Spain

 Member of The Melungeon Historical Society

 Commissioned as Admiral –Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet

 Honorary Colonel – State of Alabama​

Charter Member of The Order of The Kings and Queens in the Holy Lands

Brought to you by Andrew Stewart Jamieson and

Jamieson Studio Artists

Beast Registration No. 98727

Armiger:  Princess Karen Cantrell

Description:  One of a kind 100% handmade

painting featuring the Arms, Badge, and Motto of Grand Armorial Platinum

Patron Princess Karen Cantrell

Completion Date:  July 5, 2016

Created by:  Andrew Stewart Jamieson

 To learn more about the

Grand Armorial Platinum Collector

Lady Karen Cantrell, Click HERE

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