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Karen Cantrell

Speaker, Philanthropist, Expert in Communication & Leadership, and Fashion consultant Karen Cantrell shows how to triumph over adversity through courage and resilience with Charitable events. 


Marquis Who’s Who in the West

 Whitehouse Fellowship nomination

 Delegate for Soroptimist International

 A graduate of Leadership South Carolina

 Elected State Chair of South Carolina Women’s Political Caucus

 Nominated Outstanding Young Woman of America

 Interfaith Services  Kentucky Colonel

 Entrepreneur of The Year 2013

 Board of Directors of Humanity Healing Inter.

 Board Member of Tommorrow’s Roundtable


Communication can be challenging at home and work. How can people put their old stories aside about who people are and what they are like? How can we truly relate to one another?


 Karen Cantrell is a communication expert who has led thousands of people in seminars and events as the United Nations Association Vice President and Lifetime member of The Inland Empire United Nations Association in California , where have learned to create a trusting environment with their families, friends, and co-workers that makes a difference in their lives and communities.


Karen is well versed in communication issues and can speak on some topics, including:


* Relating well with volunteers and co-workers

* How to get unstuck and work progressively with results

* Creating a career worthy of your life

* Seeing blind spots hindering Nonprofit performance

* Changing perceptions to create understanding and reliability

* Talking straight and the impact of dishonesty

* Differentiating between what people say and what we have it mean

* Win Over Whining: Turning Complaints into Commitments

Please contact us with a specific request for communication, self-expression, leadership, and productivity.


As President and CEO of Rancho Mirage Golf Inc. (DBA Lady Golf), Karen has made a commitment to sharing her success and philosophy with other entrepreneurs and professionals with a common goal of empowering women and giving back to the community. Her extensive knowledge in apparel design, manufacturing and how trends impact the fashion industry have led to many collaborative works with top industry leaders such as Oscar De La Renta, Bob Mackie, Victor Costa, Richard Blackwell and many others. She has a successful international website and a 6000 sq. ft. store located in Palm Desert CA.The USA.

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