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People usually come into Lady Golf Fashion House in Palm Desert to shop for the latest fashion in sport. But lately they’re walking in with armfuls of supplies. This ongoing effort to help those affected by the Cranston Fire in the mountain communities was started by the owner of Lady Golf, Princess Karen Cantrell, who put out the call on social media.

And the response was so huge she says it took her by surprise, “I was shocked and overwhelmed, I had 142 people the first day bring goods into the store and it was just absolutely amazing.”

In just a few days thousands of pounds of food, supplies and money are coming in from all over the valley.

Suzanne Martin from Palm Desert brought in bags of basic necessities, “Things that families need, things that don’t need refrigeration, things that you know will help these people who are struggling.”

And Cantrell says donations are also pouring in from all over the world, “The last Christian Raja of Kupang Leopold Nisnoni, Rudolph Nikolik from Serbia, John Broady from Australia, people from France, from Germany, from Great Britain, all over that are calling me, I have a registered 401 c3.”

Robert Jan Morrison who is helping the cause says times like these are when we need each other, “That’s what it’s about just helping others and giving a little bit of peace,” adding that his doors are open to anyone who needs a place to stay.

Cantrell is moved to tears as says it’s also what the golden state is about, “We live in the great State of California and Californians stick together.”

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